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The Villa

In today's economy, we see an alarming trend in the decline of customer service and product quality in exchange for higher corporate bonuses and larger profit margins for stockholders.  This element of American business has created an apathetic attitude towards meeting and exceeding customer's expectations.   People find themselves paying more at the expense of receiving a less than desirable quality in the product or service they receive.  So, in order to create an environment whereby customers will receive an excellent product and get the most for their money, the Villa was created.
In August of 2007 the Villa was established in order to meet the challenges of the current economic environment by providing quality drywall and painting supplies at an affordable cost to the customer.  Although we are incorporated, it is our goal to maintain a small, but qualified staff that will provide a quality with a personalized touch.  Currently we are dealing with general contractors and school districts.  However, we are making great strides on a daily basis to expand into other industries. 

Mission Statement
The Villa is committed to providing superior customer service and environmental friendly products.  Over 30 years combined experience in the business allows us the ability to provide expert knowledge and top rate advice when selecting the correct tools and products to make the work easier and more efficient.  With our new technology we can provide color matches to all interior and exterior paint samples provided by our customers.


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